Stakeholder Feedback

One of the purposes of this page is to solicit your feedback on blogs, newsletters, instructional and information videos, and our revitalization plans. It is important that the feedback be categorized based on your relationship with Smithville. We have broken it down to these categories. Please identify yourself accurately so we can incorporate, clarify, or contact you directly to seek your input and understand your perspective. To maintain trust and make your feedback the most accurate please keep your comments constructive and relevant to the subjects at hand. Misidentifying yourself or being non-constructive will keep us from being able to incorporate your input. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Current Smithville Residents

Those living in Smithville today on a full-time basis. Those with a current driver’s license or voter’s registration, or with power, gas or water bill that has a Smithville address.

Former Smithville Residents

Those who have lived in Smithville at some point in your life, with current relational ties to current residents or have ownership shares in property within the Smithville neighborhood boundaries.

Cornelius Residents

Those who live in the Town of Cornelius, but not in Smithville.

Other Stakeholders:

Allies, supporters, and citizens of North Mecklenburg County who have an affiliation with Smithville and an interest in its revitalization in some broader manner other than the above categories.

Please click on the category that category that fits you. We welcome your input and feedback as often as you wish. Please represent your personal views and encourage others to do the same.

  • SCC Board:
  • Natalies Mayhew- Jones Co-Chair
  • Sammie Knox Co-Chair
  • Ronald Potts Treasurer
  •  Michael Anderson – Member
  • John Quin – Member
  • Willie Jones – Member
  • Ivy Harvell  – Member
  • Justin Miller – Community Organizer
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